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Nature in interior design – Biophilia

People spend about a big amount of their time indoors. If the experience of sheltering in a pandemic has taught us anything, it is the outscaled importance of outdoor. Being in nature drops our cortisol levels, makes us calmer, reduces anxiety and improves our mood, It’s a physical yearning. We are hungry for the experience of what the outdoors brings to us.

Biophilia, the idea that humans are viscerally wired to feel a communion with the natural world, has shifted from a hypothesis espoused by the biologist Edward O. Wilson.

The biophilic compulsion to unite indoors and outdoors is leaping beyond the familiar tropes of eco-sustainability — natural fibers, salvaged lumber and the war against carcinogens and toxins. Adherents want not just personal and environmental health but also psychological and spiritual well-being. A lot of people are seeking tranquillity and a meditative feeling and nature is a a definitely source of them.

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